All Men Are Not Created Equally

Photo by Semos Muchos

What happened to the America that all the countries looked up to and admired or perhaps were jealous of? In the last decade, we seem to have lost the human touch and dignity. Have we become materialistic and careless about humanity? We need to be reminded that this nation was created by immigrants and we will always live under that shadow. Although it is clear that something needs to be done to stop illegal immigration, attacking the Fourteenth Amendment has gone way too far.

It is beyond my understanding why the Fourteenth Amendment is not clear to those proposing to remove birthright citizenship “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” In 1776 Thomas Jefferson’s declared: “all men are created equally” but we seem to have forgotten that.

What are our principles now? Let’s forget about the illegal immigration issue for a second and let’s put ourselves in the lives of US Citizen children born to illegal immigrants. The Story below is just one of the many thousand  stories about torn apart families with no chance to “pursuit happiness.” When did children become responsible for this?

I was a victim of being separated from my parent due to deportation laws. An unfairly treatment towards immigrants. The day before my dad was deported was the worst day. My mom took us to Puerto Rico were he was incarcerated and we got to see him in court. When the judge final decision was made we had no choice but to say goodbye. It was the first time I seen my father cry. He got on his knees and hugged my sisters and I. It was the worse feeling ever and soon tears were strolling down my face. That was the day my family was destroyed because of the unfairness of the deportation laws… Every year many children are separated from there parents… Can you imagine how hard it is to grow up without your two parents? I can and it is hard.” C. Baez

What’s the future of our country? Would Thomas Jefferson be proud of our leaders? We need to protect our country but not at the expense of our children. What type of leaders are we creating with the signals we are sending to our new generations?

Behind an illegal immigrant there is human, a father, a mother, etc., not all Immigrants are criminals. When weeds grow in a wheat field, we need to harvest the good wheat and burn the weeds.