Immigration, Good or Bad for the Economy?

So is immigration good or bad for our economy?  I hear a lot about the drain on public services.  Illegal immigrants reaping social benefits without paying taxes.  Helping to push state and local governments near the brink of bankruptcy.  On their own each of these arguments seem to make sense and produce a pretty strong case for immigration crack downs as are happening in Arizona.  However, what about the big picture?  What if the hundreds of thousands of people here in the US where given a path to contribute?  I’m not saying just flip a switch but from an economic standpoint I’d argue the more contribution the better.

Take for example the fact that illegal immigrants in this country make cash under the table and then spend that cash.  That is the only form of money they have and it significantly limits what they can buy and how much they can spend.  Just consider for a second if a million people were given even a low limit credit card?  What might happen then from an economic standpoint?

This isn’t about a specific nationality, just merely about economics and economics is a numbers game.  I say if we want our economy to rebound more quickly put more spending power in the hands of as many people as possible.

About Alberto Galdamez
Alberto Galdamez, a United States citizen formerly from El Salvador, shares his success story from being an immigrant to reaching the American dream. His purpose is to encourage immigrants to integrate to the American culture.

2 Responses to Immigration, Good or Bad for the Economy?

  1. Economic studies back you up here, Al. It is a myth that immigrants are a drain on the economy. We need the fresh influx of population to boost that economy. Anti-immigrant crackdowns are going to put states economies further into the red.

  2. Billie, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We immigrants are not only taking the jobs other do not want to do or cannot do, but are also creating more jobs which is good for the economy overall.

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