Government Stop Wasting our Tax Dollars, Here is the Solution to Illegal Immigration…

The illegal immigration issue has become a heated topic; we cannot go a day without hearing about it on the news. It is hard to understand why the government cannot put their act together and keep on spending our tax dollars trying to stop illegal immigration.

A different approach needs to be taken in order to solve this problem. A doctor prescribing a pain killer for a headache will not cure the infection. Government officials need to look at the root of the problem which is not illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are the result of our bad government system and poor decision making.

In order to stop illegal immigration we need to understand the reasons why they want to be here. Although there are many reasons why illegal immigrants are attracted to come to the US, in my opinion these are the main ones:

  • Employers hiring illegal immigrants and government not doing anything to stop them
  • Benefits by government programs such as food stamps, welfare, school lunch programs, subsidized housing, etc.
  • Government willing to spend money to cater non-English speaking people

Just the examples above are enough incentive for illegal immigration!  If our government put their act together, they wouldn’t have to waste our money especially during an economy downturn. Think about this, according to the United States Government Accountability Office (GOA), “in 2009, CBP obligated $58 million… to construct approximately 3.5 miles of secondary fencing in the San Diego sector at an average cost of about $16 million per mile.” Is that how we taxpayers want our money spent? Has the new fence stopped illegal immigrants?

What kind of signal are we sending out? On one hand we try stopping illegal immigration but on the other hand our government provides the incentives for them to come.

The solution is simple:

  • Fine those who hire illegal immigrants, enforce the law
  • Stop government assistance
  • Put a system in place for immigrant workers to come to the USA with a work visa when the need arises.

Who would want to be here if there were no jobs and no help from the government? No need to spend our tax dollars on obsolete and unproductive plans.

How do you think we can solve this problem?

Photo by Nathan Gibbs

About Alberto Galdamez
Alberto Galdamez, a United States citizen formerly from El Salvador, shares his success story from being an immigrant to reaching the American dream. His purpose is to encourage immigrants to integrate to the American culture.

3 Responses to Government Stop Wasting our Tax Dollars, Here is the Solution to Illegal Immigration…

  1. alex says:

    dude, open your eyes and see beyond selfishness. i can not believe you have a hispanic firsts name and las name. your picture on your web site makes you look like a hispanic.

  2. Alex, thanks for the comment.
    I completely understand your position. The problem with our country is bad administration. We cannot blame it on illegal immigration, we are missing the point here. Expensive fences will not fix the problem. We all (including many illegal immigrants) pay taxes, so the question is, do we want the government to spend tax money on non-sense anti-immigration ideas? Why not investing on immigrants who can boost the economy of this country?

  3. Robert says:

    you are so right! illegal imagrants are a huge problem here in the united states. They steal American jobs, they leech off tax money by collecting our welfare, benfets because all they want is a free fact a news article that did an underground investigrate and found out that the irs is giving away billions to illegals for tax returns and know about it but chose to do nothing about it that’s why illegals voted for Obama because they know that he will support them.

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