Immigrants Welcome to the Greatest Nation!

America was founded by immigrants who made this country the greatest nation on earth. As America continued to flourish, more and more immigrants were attracted to the new land. Although immigrants are an important part of the American economy, the more than 13 million illegal immigrants in the country have created turmoil and political unrest amongst different groups.

Let’s face it; one of our big problems is cheap labor competition. Countries such as China and India are stealing jobs from America. Those companies willing to stay in America are forced to search for cheap labor in order to stay competitive in the market. Immigrants are needed in order to fill the low paying jobs that many Americans are not willing to take– this does not give immigrants the right to come to this country illegally.

The list of immigration related questions we need to deal with include the following:

  • How are we going to fix our broken immigration system?
  • Who is to blame for the massive illegal immigration?
  • Are illegal immigrants as liable as American citizens?
  • Should illegal immigrants be kicked out of the country?
  • Should illegal immigrants be given citizenship?
  • Are we Americans encouraging or discouraging illegal immigration?
  • What is the signal we are giving to other nations?

Many questions including the above challenge our daily lives. The purpose of my blog is to bring to light the different issues from two different perspectives, from an immigrant point of view and from a US Citizen point of view.

Immigrants are needed, but only those that are willing to integrate to the US culture, by integrating I mean learning the language, paying taxes, getting educated and not living off the government. The settlers came to America to “create” a nation and not to “take” from this nation. If we immigrants integrate, will not only contribute to this nation but will also become successful.

What do you think the ideal solution to the immigration issue is?

About Alberto Galdamez
Alberto Galdamez, a United States citizen formerly from El Salvador, shares his success story from being an immigrant to reaching the American dream. His purpose is to encourage immigrants to integrate to the American culture.

4 Responses to Immigrants Welcome to the Greatest Nation!

  1. Welcome to the blog world, Alberto! I think you’ve got a really interesting blog idea here. I look forward to learning what you will be sharing. Congratulations on all you’ve achieved.

  2. Excellent first post Alberto. I think it will set the scene nicely for your blog. Looking forward to reading your stories, as stories, not facts, are what will move people to take action and to enjoy (and share) your insights.

    One little thing: I’d take the time to update the post slug to be something other than “hello world” as that’s everyone’s default first slug.

    Keep writing!

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